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Irish Symphonia

Irish Showtime
3CD Set

Catalogue Number: SCM04

Irish Showtime

Irish music has a long and venerable history, from the itinerant harpers and singers of mediaeval times to the rock and pop stars of today. Drinking songs, jigs and reels, laments, sentimental ballads and Irish Choral music all played a part in the rich musical tapestry of Irish music.

One of the most surprising developments of recent years is the unbridled popularity of Irish Stepdancing in the form of stage shows such as Riverdance, Lord Of the Dance and Feet Of Flames.

The sudden rise of stepdancing began in 1994 when World Champion Michael Flatley was joined by a talented troupe of Irish dancers on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest to perform a piece called Riverdance. The ecstatic crowd at the Point Depot in Dublin erupted at the conclusion of the exciting dance routine and the show was watched by a similarly enthusiastic TV audience of several million people.

Soon, the seven-minute routine was expanded into a full stage show, featuring music by Bill Whelan, performed on a variety of traditional Irish and contemporary electronic instruments. When Michael Flatley left the hugely successful Riverdance troupe, he produced and starred in two more stage productions Lord Of the Dance and Feet Of Flames.

This remarkable 3CD set was recorded at Windmill Studios, Dublin and includes the highlights from each of the stage productions as well as superb recordings of Irish favourites – almost three hours of outstanding musical performances.

Track Listing

Disc 1  Includes Riverdance and other Irish favourites

  1. Riverdance
  2. The Heart’s Cry
  3. Star Of The County Down
  4. Paddy In The Smoke
  5. Hair Of The Dog
  6. Whiskey In The Jar
  7. Poteen In The Parlour
  8. The Lonesome Boatman
  9. Gossip Through The Half-Door
  10. Down By The Sally Gardens
  11. Aunt Polly’s Remedy
  12. Home Again In Eireann
  13. The Tarbolton
  14. The Longford Collection
  15. The Sailor’s Bonnet
  16. Sauce For The Goose
  17. Bumper Squire Jones
  18. Chickens In The Barnyard
  19. The Old And New Copperplate Reels
  20. Riverdance (reprise)

Disc 2  Includes Lord Of The Dance and other Irish favourites

  1. Lord Of The Dance
  2. Our Wedding Day
  3. Siúil A Rún
  4. Cockles And Mussels
  5. Riley Was A Rascal
  6. The Spinning Wheel
  7. Barney Hare
  8. By The Banks O’ Red Roses
  9. The Blackthorn Stick
  10. Monto
  11. Last Train To Wexford
  12. The Harp That Once
  13. Star Of Munster
  14. Tap Of The Pipe
  15. Clare Tune
  16. The Lark In The Morning
  17. The Road To Kildare
  18. The Three Leafed Shamrock
  19. Spancil Hill
  20. Lord Of The Dance (reprise)

Disc 3  Includes Feet Of Flames and other Irish favourites

  1. Celtic Fire
  2. Dance Above The Rainbow
  3. I Dreamt I Dwelt
  4. Duelling Violins
  5. Whispering Wind
  6. Flaming Fiddles
  7. Carrickfergus
  8. Strings Of Fire
  9. The Last Rose Of Summer
  10. Galway Gathering
  11. Feet Of Flames (A Tribute)
  12. Piping Hot
  13. The Story’s End
  14. My Lagan Love
  15. Fiddler’s Elbow
  16. Brandy For The Bishop
  17. Flop Eared Mule
  18. The Kid On The Mountain
  19. Rakish Paddy
  20. Feet Of Flames (A Tribute) (reprise)
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