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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
and New World Ensemble

The Ultimate Hooked On Classics
4CD Set

Catalogue Number: SCM03

The Ultimate Hooked On Classics Collection
30th Anniversary Edition

In 1981, Australian record producer Don Reedman joined forces with Jeff Jarratt and the world famous Hooked On Classics series was born.

The pair recruited Louis Clark (who had previously worked with Electric Light Orchestra) to arrange a collection of instantly recognizable Classical music tunes, which were played as medleys by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, with Clark himself conducting. The medleys were laid over a continuous disco beat, resulting in an irresistibly catchy series of highly listenable Classical pieces with a contemporary 'hook'.

The first volume of Hooked On Classics received a Grammy nomination and sold over 15 million albums. It was soon followed by a further three volumes, as well as a plethora of other Hooked On albums, covering just about every genre of popular music, from Swing to House music.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Hooked On Classics, we are pleased to present this special edition, containing three albums by Louis Clark conducting the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the fourth in the series: Hooked On Baroque, played by The New World Ensemble conducted by Ettore Stratta.

We hope you enjoy this, the ultimate Hooked On Classics collection.

Track Listing

Volume One
Hooked On Classics

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Louis Clark

  1. Hooked On Classics (Parts 1 & 2)
  2. Hooked On Romance
  3. Hooked On Classics (Part 3)
  4. Hooked On Bach
  5. Hooked On Tchaikovsky
  6. Hooked On A Song
  7. Hooked On Mozart
  8. Hooked On Mendelssohn
  9. Hooked On A Can Can

Volume Two
Can't Stop The Classics

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Louis Clark

  1. Can't Stop The Classics
  2. Hooked On America
  3. Hooked On Romance (Part 2)
  4. Can't Stop The Classics (Part 2)
  5. A Night At The Opera
  6. Tales Of The Vienna Waltz
  7. Hooked On Baroque
  8. If You Knew Sousa
  9. If You Knew Sousa (And Friends)

Volume Three
Journey Through The Classics

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Louis Clark

  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (Excerpt)
  2. Journey Through The Classics
  3. Hooked On Haydn
  4. Hooked On Romance (Opus 3)
  5. Viva Vivaldi
  6. Dance Of The Furies
  7. Scotland The Brave
  8. Journey Through The Classics (Part 2)
  9. Journey Through America
  10. Hooked On Marching
  11. Symphony Of The Seas
  12. Hooked On Rodgers & Hammerstein

Volume Four
Hooked On Baroque

New World Ensemble
conducted by Ettore Stratta

  1. Hooked on Baroque 2
  2. Hooked On Adagio
  3. Hooked On Gigue
  4. Hooked On A Fugue
  5. Hooked On Handel
  6. Hooked On Vivaldi
  7. Hooked On Scarlatti
  8. Hooked on Baroque 2 (reprise)
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